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Gyokuro (1.8 oz, 50 g)

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ARTEAO’s Gyokuro (Gyokuro means “Jade Dew”) is a highly sought after green tea and extremely rare. Gyokuro represents less than 1% of all Japanese green tea production. It is shaded for 3 weeks before harvesting and has a flavor profile of deep umami, chestnuts and a sweetness that lingers on your pallet.

Since this tea is very delicate, careful brewing is necessary. Please follow the steep guide below.

    Steep Guide

    • 120 - 140F
    • 1 tbsp (5 g) tea per 1 - 2 oz water
    • 2 min
    Gyokuro (1.8 oz, 50 g)
    Gyokuro (1.8 oz, 50 g) Sale price$49.00