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Michael and Aki are an American and Japanese couple that lived in Japan and other Asian countries over the past 15 years. They start their day by drinking matcha, both in authentic and casual ways. The taste of high quality matcha coupled with the health benefits and the beautiful deep green color makes them happy and relaxed. They want to share this experience with the rest of the world and make others comfortable and not intimidated by the original traditional ceremonial ways of drinking matcha and let everybody enjoy. 


From farm to bowl, Arteao Brings you Artisan Matcha

Meet the Founders

 Michael  Co-founder

13 years global product management experience. Devoted husband, music, art, food and wine lover. Tea geek. 

Aki Co-founder

10 years in clinical research experience. Brave wife, math and cooking lover. 

Fynn CEO (Chief Entertainment Officer) 

Non-human son of co-founders. Plush toy and beach lover. 



Creative Center

Tateha Sakamoto - Design Consultant

Shizue Nakayama Master of Tea Ceremony