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Japanese Earl Grey

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ARTEAO’s Japanese Earl Grey is one of the most famous black tea blends on the planet. This blend is unique compared to that of mass produced products as it only uses ingredients from Japan. The black tea is a Benifuki cultivar from Shizuoka prefecture, and the tiny green citrus fruit called bergamot is from a southern region of Japan called Shimane. We infuse not only the essence of bergamot, but the whole fruit itself which produces a more intense floral-citrusy flavor balanced by the mellow maltiness of the tea. Enjoy hot or cold.

Ingredients: Organic Japanese Black Tea, Organic Bergamot 

Steep Guide

  • 212F
  • 1 tbsp (5 g) tea per 8 oz water
  •  3-4 min
Japanese Earl Grey
Japanese Earl Grey Sale price$14.99