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Ceremonial Matcha

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Arteao Ceremonial Matcha is an authentic matcha from Kyoto Japan with an optimized flavor and health profile. Natural and powerful nutrition for your everyday health. This is a blend of two precious Matcha cultivars called Okumidori and Samidori, which are suitable for Matcha and has a deep green color with less bitterness. 

Ingredients: Organic Green Tea 

Flavor Profile and Benefits

  • Beautiful deep green color with fine texture
  • Robust aroma and full-bodied natural rich flavor with tons of lingering umami
  •  Catechin rich
  • L-Theanine loaded
  • Less caffeine than a regular cup of coffee
  • USDA Organic / ONon-GMO / Vegan / No Added Sugar / No Artificial Colors
  • 1 oz (approximately 25 servings) for matcha content 
Ceremonial Matcha
Ceremonial Matcha Sale price$38.00